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Innovative package concept


KAESER “COMPACT” blowers are designed to incur minimal operating and maintenance costs and to ensure maximum reliability. Furthermore, blowers equipped with an integrated control system and star-delta starter, or frequency converter (for flexible speed control), significantly reduce the amount of work required for planning, installation, certification, documentation and commissioning.

Integrated engineering
COMPACT series rotary blower packages are delivered complete with sound enclosure and integrated electrical equipment (optionally available as star-delta starter or variable speed control). All electrical equipment is sized according to required performance data and is wired and programmed for EMC compatibility as per applicable regulations. 

Connectivity and safety
Using numerous sensors, the internal SIGMA CONTROL 2 monitors and controls all parameters essential to reliable and efficient blower system operation. Available remote monitoring and control further enhance blower availability. Versatile communication modules also enable SIGMA CONTROL 2-equipped blower packages to connect to master controllers, such as the SIGMA AIR MANAGER, and / or centralised control systems.

Durability and efficiency
As with all Kaeser products, COMPACT series blowers are designed and constructed with maximum efficiency, reliability and durability in mind. Together with their minimal maintenance and service requirement, these versatile blowers ensure lowest possible life cycle costs.

Components for blower stations
No matter whether for blower air or compressed air, the same rule applies: The air system should be considered as a whole. No one understands this better than Kaeser Kompressoren, which is why we offer specifically tailored air supply solutions for every need. Systems and equipment include blower stations, master control systems, air treatment and piping which work seamlessly together to ensure best possible efficiency and reliability.

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